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K.1.1A Numbers, Representation & Counting

...   Performance Assessment It is great to see the inclusion of performance assessment at this level and the strong use of manipulatives... Excellent ...


... Assessments (MCA III) as well as the Graduation Required Assessment for Diploma (GRAD) in mathematics. There are many different forms ... subsequently, revisions to curriculum, instruction, assessment , and professional development for educators. This book ... Life Cycles

... She adjusts the instruction as a result of her assessment of their responses. Some of the questions Mrs. Borden asks on ... Characteristics

... vignette , the instructor has built in formative assessment with the use of a journal or science notebook.  Students ... pictures based on this "classification."  Repeat the assessment but ask the students to sort the pictures based the way the animals ... Structure & Function

... insect uses _____ to ______" to do a quick informal assessment of students' learning. Example web: Example of 3rd ... Diversity

...  Later that evening while Mrs. M is grading the assessment she smiles at her success, the students have a clear ... Humans Change Environments

... of everything they learned about the lake.  As an assessment she asks them to reflect on what they learned about the lake and ...

6.1.3C Problem Solving & Estimation

... use this lesson! Not 6th Grade appropriate These assessment questions are related to the 7th grade benchmark ...


... How can I effectively use a variety of assessment techniques to improve instruction and learning for students? ...

Professional Development for Science

Why is it important for teachers to continue to grow and learn and how can we support the development? ...