If you want to be rich and powerful, majoring in STEM is a good place to start

The standard narrative today is that science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) education is important because we need more data scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals. But promoting STEM education is critical for another reason: it teaches creative problem solving, which is widely applicable and more necessary than ever today. STEM education is linked to success not only in STEM fields, but in many other disciplines and even among many of the world’s most wealthy and powerful people.

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Minnesota Math Corps Seeks Tutors

Minnesota Math Corps is an AmeriCorps program that provides trained math tutors for students grades four through eight.

Minnesota Math Corps continues to grow its base of tutors and students every year. Since 2007, Math Corps has reached more than 4,500 students by training and placing much-needed tutors in schools across Minnesota. The program has plans to place more than 150 tutors in over 100 elementary, middle and junior high schools during the 2014-2015 school year.

The program is seeking tutors for the upcoming year. More information can be found here.